Ten Reasons Why Pets Make the Best Valentines!
  1. You never have to share your chocolates with your pet. (In fact, you shouldn't since it can make your pet very sick!)
  2. They don't care how you dress for dinner or how you look in the morning.
  3. They will never ask you if this collar makes them look fat.
  4. They don't care if you can't cook and burn their fancy dinner. They will happily eat canned food!
  5. They love to cuddle.
  6. They will watch any movie with you that you want - and not complain.
  7. You can share any secret with them and they will never tell anyone.
  8. They are cheap dates. Nothing makes them happier than a nice walk in the park with you or a game of fetch.
  9. Forget diamonds and gold - an old shoe, a bone, a squeaky toy or even a piece of string will do just fine.
  10. They will always LOVE you unconditionally!