Auto repair reviews in Cinnaminson, NJ


"The Owners & Staff Are Honest & Friendly"

We would never take our family vehicles anywhere else. We have been customers for the last 20 years. The owners and staff are honest and friendly, and the atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming. I feel so fortunate that we have a trusted auto repair shop in our area....and we love seeing Blu during our visits:)
- Tami G.

"Mongos is great"

"Very honest and caring. Very reliable. Recommend everyone take their vehicles to Mongos Tire and Auto Body. Great customer service.”
-Suzanne Ade

"Mongo's should be everyone's repair service center!"

"I walked into the shop for an oil change and I walked out with new friends. What a great group of people! The customer service was the best I ever experienced. My car needed a bit more work and needed to be there longer than anticipated. Nicki (along with Blue) helped me out. Anthony's expert advice saved the day and Jimmy worked through lunch to finish my car so I could take my son to work on time. Mongo's should be everyone's repair service center!"

-Brenda M

"Old-fashioned charm"

"In all my years of experience, I've never been to a better auto repair shop than Mongo's. There is an old-fashioned charm to their customer service. When I pulled up and told him the problem with my car he immediately took a look at in the parking lot and took the time to explain what went wrong and what I can do next time to avoid the problem. Once he fixed my car, he took me to see it in the garage and showed me how he fixed it. Overall, the friendliest and most trustworthy service I've ever experienced!"

-John R

"Friendly and helpful every time"

"They are always so friendly and helpful every time I come here to get my car fixed or checked. I am a loyal customer to Mongo's because of their honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and friendliness. I know that when I go to Mongo's I won't be taken advantage of and that they will fix my car. Before becoming a loyal customer, I had issues with my car and took it to several auto shops, including the dealership and no one could figure out what was wrong with my car. I then took my car to Mongo's, on recommendation from a friend, and they were able to quickly identify the problem and fix it when no one else could."

-Joanna A.

"Great Customer Service"

"I wanted to thank Anthony and his staff for many years of honesty, fair pricing and quality work. My grandfather, father and now my son use Mongo’s for all our car and truck repairs! I stopped in today for a broken lug nut and Anthony pulled it right in and I was on my way in 10 minutes. He wouldn’t even charge me for the service!

Thanks Again!"

-Larry D

"Thank you"

“I wanted to take a moment to thank Mongo's Auto Repair & Service for taking care of my Toyota Forerunner and Cadillac CTS... ”

-Al M.

"Treated like Family here! Great service & prices"

"I having been going to Mongos for over 6 years now. Anthony treats you like family here. He looks out for my children and I. He knows my car is how I transport them!.

The Staff the names I know and sorry for the ones I can't remember - Nicole & Jimmy are a great staff in addition to Anthony! - Mongo's is up front with their pricing - they evaluate your car and then call you before they do the work. (They let you know what you are up against - and ways to help stay in your budge and if not they will work with you!!)

They have even picked me up and drove me home while my car was being worked on!! Door to Door Service!!

Anthony never charges you to just to look at it! Check your tires, check your oil, check your fluids and your coolants, etc. Any repairs I have had, if I ever had a question or felt something may have not been running ok - they have always been there and say - Just bring it in and we'll check it out.
They are also up front about wait time to fix your car.

Nicole and Anthony and Jimmy are always offering you coffee, water, doughnuts, anything this family has to offer they share! Anthony has even gone up and above on customer service and satisfaction when I was looking for a new car. He even called one auto place whose car I brought to him to inspect. He called the car dealer and told the salesman "This young lady is like my daughter so please come and pick her and your vehicle up with your flatbed because I am not allowing her to get back into this unsafe automobile~!

My children love going to visit Anthony Mongo! They love his smile and his stories of "When he was a young boy and Mongo's History. They also love Little Blue Nicole's dog!

Also, we have gone out of our way to just say "THANKS for all Anthony and his staff does!" Job Well Done!

Finding a good, honest, professional, and reliable auto repair shop that you can trust is very difficult nowadays - But LOOK NO FURTHER - GO TO MONGOS!!!

Thank you Anthony, Nicole, Jimmy and support staff for all that you do and have done for my automobile service and my families safety."


"I'll never take my car anywhere else!"

"I started taking my car to Mongo's about 35 years ago, when I was putting 250 to 300 miles a day on my company car. Anthony noticed that I was in for fuel nearly every day (he was in the Mobil station in Delran at the time), and he came out several times a week to make sure my car was safe to drive.

I moved away, and came back not too long ago, and came back to Mongo's for his superior service. Anthony always explains what needs to be done when my car needs work, and why it needs to be done. His pricing is better than fair--in the hard economy of the past few years, he has worked with me to keep me within budget.

I'll never take my car anywhere else! PLEASE don't retire, Anthony! But his staff treats me just as well as he does! Thanks!"

-Bert W.

"I have recommended Mongos to both friends and family members"

"I have been a longtime customer of Mongo's and I have always been treated fairly. Every time I have a problem with my car it's off to Mongo's I go. I have recommended Mongos to both friends and family members. Aside from fair treatment, you also received quality work from Mongo's qualified mechanics. I once called about a problem with my windshield wiper, which had ceased functioning. Instead of taking me for a ride, the gentleman named Anthony advised me to check the bolts to be sure they hadn't come loose. He then recommended I bring it to him and he checked the wipers and discovered the loose nuts and repaired without charge. The honesty and fairness in a autobody shop is all you could ask for and the quality service is just icing on the cake."

-Keith S.

"Mongos have that little extras that make their customer service awesome"

"Wanted to give a huge shout out to Mongos Auto Repair for not only fixing my brakes, but for the little extras that make their customer service awesome. So glad I can actually get my car repaired and trust people doing it. That's a rare thing these days. Thank you!!! :)"

-Margie L.

"I feel confident that my vehicle is in good hands under your care"

"Just wanted to say thank you for your attention to detail, your excellent service, and your honesty. I very much appreciated your followup phone call notifying me of my vehicle's serious safety issue of split tire valve stems. I actually noticed that they were split several weeks back when I stopped to fill my tires. I shortly forgot all about them. Thank goodness my tires didn't blow out on the highway before you found them. Anyway I just wanted say that I appreciate the careful inspection, even during a regular oil change. I feel confident that my vehicle is in good hands under your care. I'd recommend you to anyone. Thanks again."

-Bob P.