Emission repairs & Inspection in Cinnaminson, NJ

In need of inspection or failed inspection for emissions? Mongo's Tire & Auto Repair Service Center has the equipment to scan your vehicle and find out why your vehicle failed. We are a licensed emissions repair Facility that can inspect and re-inspect your vehicle once the repair has been made and put a sticker on your car. (New Jersey Inspections) When you bring in your vehicle, our experienced ASE-certified technicians will find the cause of the problem and explain it to you all while providing you with their honest recommendation of what needs to be done. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We will fix the problem and get your vehicle to pass inspection.
Man Repairing Car — auto repair in Cinnaminson, NJ
Looking to buy a used car? Bring it in to Mongo's Tire & Auto Repair Service Center for a full inspection. We will check to make sure it meets the required air quality standards. If you ever have a question or concern while we're working, don't hesitate to ask. We are proud of our knowledge and will gladly explain everything!

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